We've teamed up with Fini Candles and Hilo Moon Jewelry Designs in the creation of our newest gift box.   Our unique interpretation of the Valentine's Day traditional bouquet of roses is just as fragrant but has the lastingness fresh cut flowers do not. Included in this gift box:

-one of a kind rose quartz bracelet from Hilo Moon Jewelry Designs. Rose quartz is the universal stone of love, and inspires feelings of peace and serenity.  Each piece is unique and dazzles, like she does 💗.

-250ml bottle of hand mixed  Rose Crème Hand and Body Lotion with Argan Oil & Silk.   Scented with gentle rose water, this silky and rich formulation will help soothe winter- dry skin.

-70ml bottle of Rose Facial Toner gently purifies, tones and tightens pores. 

-7ml Silken Lip Salve in Cocoa Rose. Cocoa butter and rose wax give this decadent lip balm its soft essence. 

- Zelda Glamour Bar-100g bar
Formulated with soothing aloe, nourishing oat milk, collagen boosting silk,  jojoba oil,  rosehip seed oil, shea and cocoa butters, and colloidal oats, we've packed all the natural skin adoring ingredients we could into this lovely bar. 
With hints of rosewood, lavender and lemongrass essential oils, you will reveal your inner starlet and feel glowing and refreshed.

-400g hand poured candle from Fini Candles.  It is no secret that candles induce relaxation,  and these artisanal candles offer the added benefit of stimulating the olfactary sense, having an aromatherapeutic effect. Each candle is thoughtfully crafted using premium fragrances and has a 65+hour burn time. *eQ will contact you with your choice of candle.
Note: Bracelet image is representational of the unique piece included in the gift box. Bracelets may not be identical to image shown.

Rose Bouquet