All of our favourite rose inspired artisanal and natural bath and skincare products in one gift set. 

This gift includes:

-Rosie Essentials bar, with its intoxicating blend of Rose, Orange and Cinnamon essential oils;

-70ml bottle of Rose Facial Toner;

-8.5g tube of Cocoa Rose Silken Lip Salve, in a biodegradable paperboard container;

-10ml Immune Boost Roller Ball blend, with an aromatic blend of Rose, Frankincense, Orange and Oregano essential oils;

-250ml bottle of hand mixed Rose Crème Hand & Body Lotion; 

-a jute and cotton handcrafted tawashi, created by the talent at Otters and Acorns;

-packaged in a beautiful, metallic gold display bowl.

Rose Bowl