eQ Hand & Body Lotion with Argan Oil & Silk

Available in three scents:

1. Vanilla & Cocoa Butter
2. Rose Crème
3. Lavish Lavender

This unique bio-complex formulation contains some of nature's most skin nourishing oils and additives including:
-skin healing and collagen boosting Jojoba oil,
-coconut derived MCT oil, loaded with skin-calming and antimicrobial properties 
-silk amino acids, with its high concentration of 18 essential amino acids that help counteract the signs of aging,
quick absorbing Argan Oil provides outstanding skin conditioning,
-Colloidal Oatmeal is an emollient, adding moisture to the skin, 
-rich Cocoa butter creates a protective barrier on the skin, locking in moisture, and packed with natural phytochemicals,  believed to protect the skin from damage from UV radiation.  
The perfect lotion for the dry winter months.

Hand & Body Lotion