This versatile cleaning block can be used around the house as an alternative to the harsh chemicals and plastic packaging of commercial cleaners. This bar is ideal for hand washing dishes-- simply wet a cloth, sponge, or brush wipe on the block, and wash.  Stain treatment on fabrics, pre-laundering-- rub the block directly on to fabrics before machine washing.  Cleaning kitchen and bathroom surfaces -- grate 2 tbsp of soap and add to 1 liter of warm water, and use to clean dirty porcelain, stainless steel, ane laminate.  Not recommended for stone or marble surfaces. 
The powerful cleaning effect of coconut oil gives this bar its strength.  Lemon essential oil combats offensive odours and is a natural solvant for grease and dirt with its high concentration of D-Limonene.

Packaged in a reusable, porcelain ramekin. 

Dish scrubber sold separately.  

Abode- Dish and Home Cleansing Bar